Why I’ve started AI Tidbits?

There is immense progress happening in the generative AI space—from groundbreaking commercial releases such as GPT and DALL-E to open-source ones such as Stable Diffusion and EleutherAI’s LAION 5B dataset.

Staying up to date is hard. With more than 10 AI-focused newsletters I’m subscribed to having only ~10% worth-reading news - I rarely get to read them. Too much to read and we are all too busy.

So, I've created this newsletter to share a weekly roundup of AI news to stay in the know in <2 mins.

No personal takes, no summaries, and no scrolling. There are enough of those newsletters already.

About me

Hey, I’m Sahar Mor. I’ve been working in the AI space over the last decade as a Product Manager and an engineer.

Currently, I’m a PM @ Stripe. I occasionally share my reflections on AI and enjoy lowering the bar for tinkering with recent open-source models.

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Sahar Mor

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